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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The new conservatism has chosen the wrong logo.

This is my comments about the Koizumi's recent shrine visit in Pekingduck.
Please don’t miss the big picture here. The shrine visit is just a small wave in the new conservatism tide in Japan. I am surprised that ACB and soudenjapan didn’t mention this background at all. The new conservatism promotes that Japan should get rid of the outdated influence of WWII history and pursue a political status in this world that will match up its economic status, and finally make Japan a genuine normal country. Sounds like an OK theory. However it is very sad that they’ve decided to choose some very controversial activities to symbolize the success of new conservatism in Japan. Shrine visit is a symbol of independence in their definition. The next symbol of independent and genuine normal country will be the successful revision of the present anti constitution. I am sure that the bill will passed sooner or later in today’s environment. Then the remilitarization will be just ahead.
Let me point out Koizumi’s motive again just in case you still didn’t figure out what I am saying. The shrine visit is just an opening remark for a huge new conservatism movement in Japan. The Koizumi wants to make the visit as routine activity for Japanese leaders, and by repeating it, he wish to obtain the general acceptance of Japan’s public and even China’s and Korea’s public. Once this acceptance is achieved, the conservatism movement can be smoothly operated later.
However I should point it out to ACB and soudenjapan: it is very ironic to know that a movement for an independent and genuine normal Japan relies on certain US-Japan treaties and US military bases. In this sense, even India is more respectful than Japan. If Japan can not quit being a little brother of US, how could you guys expect others treat you as a genuine normal country? Are you gonna be a genuine normal bully in Asia only or what? The new conservatism has gone to the wrong direction by choosing the wrong logo in the first step. Anyway I wish you guys eventually could succeed in making yourself normal in your own definition. What China can do is very little except some yelling. Resisting accepting your own identity, history and origin doesn’t guarantee that you will find a new one. Avoiding the problem is not the same as solving the problem. Is it really impossible to move out all those war criminals and delete those offensive comments from the shrine as Korean suggested at all?


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