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Sunday, October 23, 2005

China's censorship, negotiable propaganda department and buyable officials

I have recently confirmed that the ban on the blogspot sites has been lifted in China several weeks ago. According to a blog written by a software engineer working for Microsoft in China, this is due to the successful public relation campaign of Google. The accessible blogspot sites are very important for Google to compete with its giant rival M$ on blog services. MSN space probably is one of the most popular blog space providers in China currently. The story also tells us the CCP’s propaganda department is negotiable!

In fact, I would not be surprised if the minister of CCP’s centre propaganda department belongs to buyable officials. This doesn’t mean that you can invite him to your home and give him a million dollars; instead some kind of soft bribe may work better in China. Read, just in case you were not grown up in China.
Let me first start to define GuanXi (connections) from a short story:
The minister has a 20 year old kid, and you happen to know his wife’s old friend’s daughter very well. Now your Chinese style PR campaign is OK to start…
You start investing his mother’s old friend’s daughter, then you will make friend with his wife’s old friend and are able to build a stable and solid long term friendship. Somehow, you will know his wife latter. However his wife is a very upright person who doesn’t really like money too much. Instead she likes helping her fellow peasants or laid-off workers. As a result, you will love these poor people too. Donations and investments which can help these people will be on your list now. One year later, you become one of her most trustworthy and generous friends, and she thinks you are good person as she is as well! Later you may come across an opportunity in Yale University which provides a special fellowship to young Chinese students for their study in Yale. (Of course, your donation made that fellowship available.) Then the kid of this department minister himself decides to go to Yale…..

Actually you have known that the minister himself understood the visible censorship was not a best censorship at all in terms of the advanced need of propaganda machine. The minister was also blamed by other ministers for politics issue inside the government and for business issue outside the government. However in order to keep his position, he had no choice. Fortunately there was always an alternative. M$ and Google propose enforcing invisible self censorship in China to exchange their business benefits. The minister was very happy that someone can provide the advanced keyword censorship technology to bail him out and makes his censorship more invisible than ever. He also gained reputation as one of pro-economy people. He even found himself being efficiently blocked from a porn link provided by a blog in the MSN space. His kid also told him he couldn't visit any msn blog featuring “Tiananmen square massacre”. Then he one day decided: "we need more openness and harmony in our society, every body should have rights to surf internet! The ban on blogspot was unfair, and should be removed immediately! "
Thank God, his kid goes to Yale and his wife is now a better person who helps a lot of poor people in the west of China.

I have to admit I like my own story about this lifted ban. As one of my favorite journalist Lin Xingzhi wrote: bribe facilitates business!
Yes, otherwise no way you can explain a country, ranked the 91st in the business environment due to the corruption by World Bank, grows fastest in this mysterious world.
You got to love corrupt China, and always remember: NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!


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