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Monday, January 16, 2006

new left beats chicago boys hands down


Bachelet owes much to outgoing leader
By Ruth Bradley in Santiago
Published: January 16 2006 20:35 | Last updated: January 16 2006 20:35

When Chile’s President Ricardo Lagos was narrowly elected in 2000, it seemed likely that his government would be the last for a coalition that had already held office for 10 years. Instead, the centre-left coalition – known as the Concertación – has not only obtained a fourth term, but has given Chile its first woman president.


Michelle Bachelet’s victory on Sunday – when she took 53.5 per cent of the vote, defeating her conservative rival, Sebastián Piñera, by a seven-point margin – owes much to President Lagos. His popularity, boosted by the high economic growth of the last two years, is running at more than 70 per cent, an unusually high level for an outgoing president.

But it also reflects the Concertación’s wide appeal. Ranging from the centre Christian Democrat party to the Socialist party, it not only led Chile’s transition to democracy after the 17-year dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet, but has presided over a period in which, although Chile’s unequal income distribution has not improved, prosperity has increased rapidly and poverty has halved.

By contrast, the opposition, torn by divisions between Mr Piñera’s more moderate National Renewal party and the larger Independent Democratic Union, which was closely associated with the Pinochet dictatorship, is perceived as representing the interests of business and the rich. Indeed, a key factor in the defeat of Mr Piñera, a successful businessman, was his personal fortune, estimated at some $1.3bn (€1bn, £735m).

Although under Ms Bachelet Concertación will complete 20 years in power, her election had the air of the dawn of a new era. That is in part because she is a woman.

At her victory rally, jubilant women sported a replica of the president’s red, white and blue sash, claiming the election as a triumph for women’s rights. And, In a country where women still have only a limited political role, she has said that there will be as many female as male members of her cabinet.

Ms Bachelet, a moderate socialist who will take office on March 11, has promised to maintain the free-market policies, international integration and fiscal discipline that have underpinned Chile’s recent economic success. But she has also promised to give Chile and its economy “a more human face”.

“We will show that a country can become more prosperous without losing its soul…that it can stimulate those who innovate and progress, while at the same time helping those who are left behind,” she told supporters at Sunday night’s rally.


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