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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Nariaki Nakayama's opened his stinky mouth, again!

"the occupation was something they could have pride in, given their existence soothed distraught feelings of men in the battlefield"

Ok, great, comfort women should be proud of themselves for their forced sex service to the Empire army! What's wrong with this Japan Education minister? He should be proud of what he's taught his Japanese young fellow generations too.

Nakayama won't drop `comfort women' issue

The Asahi Shimbun
FUKUOKA-Education minister Nariaki Nakayama spent nine minutes Sunday reading out an e-mail message from a Japanese student in Canada to make a point: that he is not alone in believing "comfort women" have no place in textbooks used in Japanese schools.

Nakayama has repeatedly come under fire for his remarks concerning women who were forced into frontline prostitution before and during World War II.

In a lecture here, Nakayama said he had received a "lot of encouragement from young people." He went on to read the e-mail message from a student who he said shares his view that the term "comfort women" was coined only after World War II.

"I was impressed," Nakayama said. "Young people think about the issue really seriously. I appreciate it."

According to Nakayama, the student is a woman in her 20s who is attending a graduate school in Canada.

He quoted her as follows: "The term was created by some Japanese after World War II in a self-incriminating way.

"Those women deserve much sympathy, but (being forced to provide sex) is not so much different from what was commonly seen" in poor rural Japanese communities in the past, where women were sold to brothels.

"It could be said that the occupation was something they could have pride in, given their existence soothed distraught feelings of men in the battlefield and provided a certain respite and order," he quoted her as writing.

Nakayama has frequently upset China and South Korea since he became education minister last September.

In November, he said, "It is good that expressions such as comfort women and forced labor have decreased in history textbooks." In June, he denied the term "comfort women" existed during the wartime years.(IHT/Asahi: July 12,2005)

update:新华网消息 据法新社报道,日本文部科学大臣中山成彬10日再次就亚洲“慰安妇”问题大放厥词。中山援引一位日本学生的话说,亚洲妇女应该引以自豪。
  法新社是根据“朝日新闻”(Asahi Shimbun)的消息从东京发出这一报道的。“朝日新闻”援引中山10日在福冈市的一次讲话说,他的有关慰安妇问题的谈话受到了批评,但他同样得到了许多年轻人的鼓励。


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