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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Partially censored news (a little old): Sea turtle deputy governor of Henan province executed!

Deputy Governor of Henan province Lv Debin was sentenced to death for hiring a killer to kill his wife a while ago. On Oct. 17 Henan Supreme Court rejected the appeal and executed him on Oct. 18. 52 year old Lu De Bin was born in a normal peasant family in Henan. He obtained his PhD from Kansas State University. In 1988 He returned to China as an agriculture scientist and professor in Henan agricultural college. His overseas background and high level scientific research led to the fast promotion in the college. Moreover, he was appointed as committee member of democratic league party in Henan and became the committee chairman in 2002. In 2003 He was appointed as deputy governor of Henan.

Before Lv got married with a his first wife, who was a city resident, before he went to US in 1982. After he returned to China in 1988, he hired a young maid from rural area to take care of his parents and kids. Due to the conflict between his wife and his parents, he seperated with his wife and kids and eventually got divorced. The young maid brought him big comfort and soon became his 2nd wife. After being promoted to the high level, Lv often found himself embarrassed by his 2nd wife in the public because of her rural customs. Lv gradually seperated with his wife and started dating new women. One time, Lv was caught sleeping with another woman by his 2nd wife. Since then, Lv's wife repeatedly reported his private life to his supervisor. Lv wanted to divorce again, but he couldn't do it because his wife had collected a long list of bribes received by Lv.

A former student of Lv, the deputy mayor of xinxiang city, suggested Lv getting rid of her by hiring a killer. In June, 2005, the deputy mayor of xinxiang asked the deputy chief of his local police bureau to kill Lv's wife. The chief sent out two man strangled his wife. They then cut the corpse into ten pieces and abandoned them in a pond.

Many reporters went to Henan to cover the story, however very few stories could pass the censorship system of CCP administration. A reporter working for San-Lian wrote a short paragraph that he couldn't cover in his journal on his blog.


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