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Friday, July 15, 2005

The stupid general needs government to cover his ass!

How come this kind of stupid person can be a dean of national defense university? He was not only violating the national policy and military rules but also forgot what Xiaoping has taught all chinese about the mission of our nation. He should resign from his position! I also highly doubt the true identity of this general. He could be a spy served for someone like American hawkish defense minister Rumsfield. Major general being a spy is not something unheard of in China.
From financial times
In an interview with foreign reporters in Beijing on Thursday, Major General Zhu Chenghu, who is also a dean at China's National Defence University, said Beijing should respond with nuclear weapons if the US targeted Chinese territory. “We Chinese will prepare ourselves for the destruction of all cities east of Xian [in central China],” he said. “Of course the Americans will have to be prepared that hundreds of cities will be destroyed by the Chinese.”

Taiwan on Friday criticised his remarks but steered clear of blaming the Chinese government. Michael You, vice-chairman of the mainland affairs council, Taipei's cabinet-level China policy body, said: “The statement reveals the ferocious face of the hawks in China. It should be condemned and the person making it should apologise.”

Chinese government officials emphasised that Gen Zhu's remarks were seen as a minority opinion and being the first to use nuclear weapons would contradict Beijing's military strategy.

Gen Zhu, who is understood to have made similar comments in the past, said his remarks were his personal opinion and not government policy. But his comments come at a sensitive time for US-China military relations.

The Pentagon is next week expected to release its annual report on the Chinese military, which is likely to take a more hardline stance than previous years. A string of US officials have raised concerns about the rise of the Chinese military recently. Gen Zhu's comments are also likely to further inflame anti-China sentiment in Washington. Lawmakers have complained of unfair trade practices, allegations of currency manipulation, and opposition to a bid by CNOOC, a state-owned Chinese oil company, for US-owned Unocal.

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