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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Old posts revisited

Kaifu Lee, the former vice president of M$, the currently president of Google in China finally can work legally. The Google and Kaifu Lee was sued by M$ for this boat jumping case of Lee several months ago. The court ruled recently that Kaifu Lee can start his work in Google and his duty can only limited in hiring process currently. The court will reopen later to decide the rest of issues.

Kaifu Lee has a very interesting family history. The experience of him and his family is a vivid documentry of the past 70 years of China history. There are so many stories behind him and his family, and I have shared them in Chinese earlier. I only had a brief roundup post in English

Now I am giving an English abstract of these stories in Chinese here.
Lee Tianming, Kaifu's father, was a congressman before 1949 and fled mainland with KMT army in 1949 without being able to carry his family along. Suprisingly, many KMT high level offcials didn't have a chance to carry their family in 1949!
It is amazing that Lee Kai-fu's mother, a typical Chinese woman, bravely led her family escaping the red China in 1950 and reunited with kaifu's father in Taiwan. If they failed and caught by CCP, Kaifu's mother might be excecuted.
However, one of Lee Tianming's best friends Du jiusheng didn't have the same good luck because his wife was too scared to escape at that time. 40+ years later, Du's son, grown up in Mainland without the caring of his father, then becoming a Minister in Taiwan government, wrote an amazing story about his astonishing experience, check it out... woops...still in Chinese

Before Lee Kai-Fu was born, Lee tianming was 55 years old and his mother was 44. However his mother insisted giving birth to him. The doctor in the hospital said" this baby is either a talent or a fool" as we know that the chance of getting a retarded or disabled child is much higher regarding to the age of his parents. It turns out he is a talent. However there was a twist. Lee Kai-Fu was not a good student in elementary school at all. The family didn't have a clue how to educate him. Lee Kai-Fu's biggest brother, approximately a dozen years old than him, decided to bring him to America for education. That's perhaps their final hope.
When Kaifu left his family in Taiwan, he was only 11. It is amazing that Kai-Fu got very well along with the American-style education and started showing his talents...
Years later he became the famous computer expert and a university professor before he jumped to M$.
Probably that's why he got an unususal personal website in China: Kaifu student network. Legendary person would never be lack of legends. Let us keep our fingers crossed see what will a new Kaifu Lee do after this case is closed.


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