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Friday, August 26, 2005

I guess China will be the next heaven of lesbian

The show of super voice gal is over now.
No one has believed the chinese version of "american idol" would have been so successful. More than 400 million chinese have watched super voice gal! You are right, 400,000,000!
One of my favorite singers in this show is Zhang LiangYing, yet her singing skill and voice are still not mature enough to be a super star. It is even more interesting that the champion went to the singer Li Yuchun, who virtually can't sing! Believe me, she can barely sing! However she won eventually!
What's the reason? At least currently every body has consensus that her neutral appearence and personal style helped a lot. By saying "neutral", I mean she actually looks like a man. The 2nd place was grabbed by a neutral looking singer as well! My favorite who-can-sing is only the No. 3. It is commonly believed that most of votes were casted by female fans. Now you may realized chinese female love neutral style women. Why?
Well, no theory yet. But the answer that I can come up with immediately is: they are disappointed by chinese men, because they don't usually pay much attention to the sensitive feeling of women as neutral women do.....haha...
Fortunately my wife don't like this show at all.....

By the way, perhaps I can answer a long-standing question of myself from what I read from super gal champion. I used to wonder why pop music in China is constantly wandering at a real low level of creativity. Now I guess it's all about the economy. Without a market which has ability to appreciate better music and better voices, businessmen won't even bother to invest any pioneer music writer. Basically there is no demand for a variety of music style in China. SO SAD! SO SAD!

For readers unfamilar with this show, Danwei is the best place to go.

Update: A fabulous quote stolen from simon's website:
How come an imitation of a democratic system ends up selecting the singer who has the least ability to carry a tune?
Of course he has stolen it from China Daily.


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